Our Mother's Day Gift Guide Is In!

Shop natural, holistic beauty and skincare gifts for the mother in your life! Beauty products that promote self-care make perfect gifts for skincare lovers! Our natural aromas are designed to uplift the mind, emotions, and skin!


For beauty that goes deeper than skin.


Natural Fragrance without the "Fragrance"

Our natural aroma rollerballs are scented ONLY with essential oils.


Essential oils are aromatic compounds that make up the essence of a plant's smell and its healing benefits.

Instead of diffusing essential oils, take your diffuser on the go with our convenient aromatherapy-based rollerball fragrances.

Made WITHOUT those potentially toxic, ambiguous "fragrance" or "parfum" ingredients.

Natural Body Washes Made with Intention

Our lavish body washes are free from sulfates, phthalates, parabens, "fragrance", or "parfum." No fragrance doesn't mean they don't smell heavenly! Intentionally crafted with essential oils, these body washes will lather her skin with plant magic for a 'spa-ritual' experience!


Lotions that Heal Skin and Mind

Most lotions are designed to heal cracked skin and provide moisture. But our lotions use the potent power of essential oils to not only deliver moisture deep into the dermis, but to also deliver aromatic scents that will leave her in a state of calm or bliss. 

Lotions crafted to reduce the effects of stress on skin and mind using aromatherapy.

The Perfect End to Her Beauty Ritual

Our shimmering body glow oils are a luxurious complement to her sacred beauty ritual.


With oils like jojoba, meadowfoam, and vitamin E that penetrate deep into the skin, and aromas that transport her to her happy place, you might just start calling these body glows "oils for the goddesses."